New Year Sales

New Year Sales are huge in the U.S. because people save tons of money on the items they want to buy!

Before the holiday, many people spent their money to buy gifts for their loved ones and friends. Even though they bought the items for sales prices it is still not the great price they paid for.

Many of us think that sales price are good but there are prices that are even better. Have you check the clearance aisle?

When the products are new shipped to the store, you can buy them on a regular price or sales price. You can also wait for one or two months for them to become clearance to save even more money.

credit to ower
credit to owner. New year Sales!

First, for example the clothing items. Regular price is for the people that cannot wait for the sales or they really need this item. The style is  very popular, so they have to buy it right away. They cannot save money in this situation because the price on that product is  three times the price that the company bought it at from the manufacturer.

credit to owner.
credit to owner. New year sales!

Second, sales price is the second option to save a little bit of money. When people see the sale signs, especially the 50% off, they  think that they can save money? Compared to the regular price, of course they save their money. Think about half price you are saving!


Third, Clearance price is the best choice ever. they have the three kinds of tickets, Pink, Yellow, and Green. First markdown is pink, which you are saving 40 to 50% on that item. The company still makes profit . Yellow ticket is the second choice in the clearance aisle. It means you can save 60-70% on that item. Green ticket is your best choice because you save 80-90% on that item.  Which means that the item is very cheap. Sometimes the company doesn’t make profits if you pay for the green tickets price.

For me, buying the sales price  is the good options because you still save money. But if I don’t need the items right away,  might as well wait for this in the clearance aisle. It is the greatest price you will ever see and pay for.

How about you? What do you prefer, or what advise can you give to the consumers???


New Years Eve! New Years Resolutions!

To begin with ” Happy New Year”  everyone! New Years Eve to New Years Day! In just a second everything turned to a different year and  the fresh beginning of our lives.

With my husband at Denver Downtown New Years Eve.
With my husband at Denver Downtown New Years Eve.

We  spent the New Years Eve in Downtown and watched the fireworks with friends, and lots of people came together with their love ones.

Played Pool in New Years Eve with these wonderful friends we have.
Played Pool in New Years Eve with these wonderful friends we have.

The weather was crazy. It was down to -10 degrees which was very cold. We went to three coffee shops and they were packed. Everyone needs heat in their body, and finally on the 3rd shop we got our coffees. 🙂 Everyone’s happy!!!

Had toast with our friends on New Years Eve....
Had toast 10 minutes before 2016 with our friends on New Years Eve….

Toast for the upcoming New Year! 10 minutes before 2016 the waitress in the game room gave us champagne to make a toast for the new journey in our lives. #exciting

new years 2016

This New Years Eve, I have one and only New Years Resolution. What? Stop shopping, like new clothes, gadgets or hair stuff, especially if I do not need them. I don’t have a lot of money, I am just an ordinary woman who works for living. It is hard to make money and for me its easy to just buy this or buy that. Even though I don’t need it, It is a waste of money. What can I do if its make me happy, why not! Right? But the reality is, it’s not easy to make money. When you are sick,  you still have to go to work because bills  keep coming. So, I have to take my New Years Resolution seriously, for better. Its tough, but I am determined.

Do you have New Years Resolutions?

How did you celebrates your New Years Eve?

Share with us!!! 🙂 🙂




Mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa New Year!

Mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa New Year! (How do Filipinos celebrates the New Year?)

Credit to owners
Mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa New Year!

New Years eve, Syempre hindi mawawala ang 12 round fruits sa  lamesa ng mga pinoy. They said round fruits are for a bountiful and a prosperous new year. Kaya kahit hindi bilog na prutas ay isinasama na rin nila ito sa mga bilog na prutas. Maghanda din daw ng mga malalagkit na pagkain gaya ng puto, bibingka, suman, pininat at marami pang iba. Para daw dumikit ang swerte sayo.

Mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa New Year!

Keep some coins in your pocket on New Years eve. Why? They said its for good luck and you are going to have money  for the whole year. In addition to,  pay your debts first. Para wala kang maraming utang sa bagong taon. Second, put gas in your car. Para always puno ang gas ng sasakyan mo. Oh diba ang daming mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa new year!

Credit to owners
Credit to owners

Bago sumapit ang alas dose sabi ng nanay ko magsuot daw ako ng polkadots. Because polkadots symbolize money. Syempre hindi mawawala ang pag iingay pagsapit ng alas dose. Pinoys use trumpets, empty cans, fireworks, or anything they want to use to make noise. Para daw umalis ang malas at ang mga maligno o masasamang mga elemento. I remember when my husband and I went to Philippines maybe 3 years ago, my brother welcome the new year by turning on his tricycle engine. Oh diba ang daming paraan.

Above all, we should give thanks to our Almighty father, who’s giving us all the blessings and prosperity to our daily  lives. Also, do not forget your New Years resolutions for a better life.

Mga pamahiin ng mga Pilipino sa New Year! ( How do Filipinos celebrate the New Year?)

Ganito ang aking bagong taon. Ikaw?

Me mga alam ka bang mga pamahiin pag sapit ng Bagong Taon?





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